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Arbor care

Create Stunning Urban Forests and Arbors

By directing growth and shaping arbor landscapes through tree trimming and selective pruning, you enhance beauty and the formation of trees, hedges, and shrubs. Tree cutting also produces more viable, healthy forest with greater structural integrity of your timbers.

Tree trimming targets removal of limbs, branches, and roots that may be diseased, damaged, dead or non-essential, structurally unsound or not desirable to growth formation. The practice of trimming is essential to producing a resilient urban forest and maintaining longer life spans for trees, especially in Colorado’s storms and arid cycles.

What Does Tree Trimming Accomplish?

Aspen Forest
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Wilcox Services provides expert tree trimming to:
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Sustainable Forests

Trees naturally seek the best source of light and moisture in their environment and climate, and as a result may grow dense canopies, unbalanced limb extensions or leans, weak joints, and undesirable shapes. This type of growth compromises structural integrity. Pruning, or targeted trimming, re-directs growth and reshapes a tree's appearance. Knowledge of when to trim, such as dormant states, and how to prune/cut unions where limbs and branches form a collar or border is imperative to minimizing wound damage to the tree, allowing it to compartmentalize and seal the area to avoid pathogen intrusion or decay. Controlling formative growth is best handled with pruning young, immature trees, and selective tree trimming to avoid weakening tree structures.

Wilcox Services: Arbor Evaluation of Your Trees

Request a free arbor evaluation and we will look over your trees, hedges, shrubs, and woody vines, and advise you of the tree trimming methods to obtain the best results. Our tree trimming and pruning service incorporates best-practices for land management and forestry care recognized by the U.S. Forest Service. These standards produce strong, viable trees less prone to damage, disease, and infestation. Create a magnificient arborscape with expert tree care.

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Get a Free Arbor Evaluation of Your Trees, Hedges and Shrubs for Trimming and Pruning

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“Wilcox services trimmed a very large elm tree in our back yard and removed a 60 feet tall cottonwood from our front porch. Their work was excellent and their price very reasonable, I highly recommend this company to others.”– Google+ User Review

Wilcox Services Inc. Professional Tree Care Service

Wilcox Services | Colorado Tree Care is a fully insured tree service company with expert tree specialists. Since 2002 our tree care service has provided beautiful Colorado environments and greenscapes.

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