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Create Your Own Green Space and Personal Retreat with Expert Tree Service

The first step for beautiful yard environments, and protecting natural foliage, flowers and groundcovers is the design and care of tree arbors to create aesthetic, productive, and ecological green spaces that generate continued growth and collective beauty.

Yard tree and bush maintenance and shaping

Healthy, vibrant trees create shade and partial sunlight exposure, act as wind breaks, form natural seclusion and barriers, improve water quality, allow for soil infiltration (of rainfall) at slower rates, and are stunning focal points.

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Hours: Monday – Sunday | 7:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Broomfield, Colorado 80020

Wilcox Services provides expert tree service to:
The Northwest-West Denver Region | I-70 West to I-25 North

Our Colorado tree service provides:

  • Effective design of urban forests and green spaces that reduce erosion, improve water quality and retention, and create natural environments that lessen burn out of gardens, groundcovers and sod/lawns from harsh sunlight
  • Tree trimming of dead, damaged or diseased branches that mitigate further tree and property damage, and make trees less vulnerable to disease, insects, storm elements and wild fire conditions
  • Reduction in dense clusters or groves to produce healthier trees with stronger, fuller limbs
  • Tree, evergreen and shrub planting using knowledge of the right combination of species, scale, spacing, growing periods and preservation of root systems ensuring your landscaping has the opportunity to take hold and thrive

Professional tree care service offers you:

  • Tree pruning service; removal of scaffold (large, primary) and subordinate branches for structural integrity and density reduction
  • Tree trimming service, evergreen and shrub trimming to redirect growth for optimal shape and form; create aesthetic quality
  • Tree and stump removal, stump grinding and raised and invasive root tree care
  • Tree cabling and bracing to prevent spliting and damage caused by weak attachments
  • Tree and shrub planting; landscape design for wind breaks, living snow walls, and tree/evergreen gardens
  • Fire mitigation
  • Protection against the mountain beetle, insect infestation, and disease

(720) 427-6414

Hours: Monday – Sunday
7:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Broomfield, Colorado 80038

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“This service was extremley fast and friendly. While grinding the huge stump Far gave me an awesome estimate on other lawn upgrades that was 50% less than 3 other companies estimates. This is your best choice for a good and honest service.”– Google+ User Review

Wilcox Services Inc. Professional Tree Care Service

Wilcox Services | Colorado Tree Care is a fully insured tree service company with expert tree specialists. Since 2002 our tree care service has provided beautiful Colorado environments and greenscapes.

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