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Tree Removal May Be a Lifeline for Your Landscape and Protection Against Unprecedented Damage

As trees age and near the end of their life cycle or succumb to disease, they weaken and at times, rot making tree removal necessary to restore the resilience of your landscape and protect against damage from a fallen tree and hazardous limbs. Of equal concern, are poorly positioned and storm damaged trees that are destructive to roofs, home foundations, overhead lines, and plumbing/sewers.

Large Tree Removal

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As tree care specialists, we are highly effective in meeting difficult challenges presented by complex conditions or locations. We can remove a tree with efficiency by sectioning and cabling ensuring both your landscape and property are free of any possible damage.

Advantages of Professional Tree Removal

  • Expertise in tree reduction of the canopy and limbs reduces hazard, minimizes landscape and property impact, and provides the most effective strategy for complex and difficult conditions
  • A quality tree care specialist knows the cutting methods that control tree removal, and provides the highest level of safety in doing this type of procedure
  • Having appropriate hydraulic power tools, chain saws, and removal equipment like stump grinders enable tree removal more effectively in less time
  • We accelerate your landscape restoration with sod installation, mulch, or new plantings
Tree cutting using a chainsaw
Large Tree Removal

How is Tree Removal Beneficial?

  • Thinning dense stands of trees reduces stress from overcrowding
  • Removing trees with poor positioning or placement prevents root penetration and blockage in pipes and sewers, lifting of house foundations and porches,and cracking pavement
  • Cutting down trees with severe storm damage, or that are dead or dying prevents fallen trees from ruining your landscape and property
  • Tree removal opens utility right a ways and eliminates tree limb and branch contact points during high winds and snow loads that cause power outages
  • Extracting a tree or alcove of trees clears land for new building construction
  • Cutting down inflicted trees defends against further spread of mountain beetle infestation and takes away safety hazards
  • Tree removal is a form of fire management used to reduce flammable fuel build-up and creates fire breaks that minimize and prevent wildfires

Highly Efficient Tree Removal

Tree removal involves cutting down a tree to nearly ground level, and if necessary, removing the stump below the grade level (about 6 to 8 inches). To remove a stump, we perform stump grinding to mulch the stump and most of the surface roots. After a tree removal, branches and large limbs are hauled away. Mulch left from grinding the tree stump may remain, or may be taken away with other debris. Turf, mulching or ground cover may be placed over the removal area, as well as planting new trees to restore your landscape. Request a site review today using the form on the right!

(720) 427-6414

Hours: Monday – Sunday
7:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Broomfield, Colorado 80038

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“Wilcox services trimmed a very large elm tree in our back yard and removed a 60 feet tall cottonwood from our front porch. Their work was excellent and their price very reasonable, I highly recommend this company to others.”– Google+ User Review

Wilcox Services Inc. Professional Tree Care Service

Wilcox Services | Colorado Tree Care is a fully insured tree service company with expert tree specialists. Since 2002 our tree care service has provided beautiful Colorado environments and greenscapes.

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